Riptide WC

At Riptide WC we believe all wrestlers deserve a place to practice & compete in a safe, competitive and most importantly Fun Environment.  Our coaching Staff will work tirelessly to help your wrestler achieve his or her goals whether it be staying in shape or winning a National Championship.  We are here for you & your wrestler!

Summer Season Runs June 3rd – August 4th

Practice Times:

We have made a slight change to our summer schedule.  We will offer classes from 6:00-7:30pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for all our Youth (grades 2-8) and High School students.  During this time, we will have a warm-up, new technique, live situational with that technique and then live. 

We will also be offering an elite conditioning and preparation session from 7:30-8pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for any kids that want to work on conditioning or are preparing for competition.  There is no extra fee for the elite session and any student is welcome.  The elite session will consist of more live wrestling, more technique, plyometrics or circuit training depending on what the coaches feel is best at the time. 

WE WILL ALSO CONTINUE TO HAVE OUR FUN FRIDAYS, which are free to all and consist of all live wrestling.

Our beginner (kindergarten-2nd grade) classes will still be on Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6pm.

Our summer session will run 9 weeks beginning June 3rd and will run until August 2nd.  We will take the month of August to rest, have fun and get ready to come back strong September 9th for our fall session.

“We have reconfigured our summer classes so that the kids that just want to sharpen their skills can come in, learn some wrestling, have fun and not have to worry about leaving the beach for a grueling wrestling practice, while also making sure the kids who will be competing on the Massachusetts National Team and various summer tournaments get the advanced training and technique that they need.”

-Riptide Staff

We require USA Wrestling membership. 

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