Marshwoods New England Classic – K-8 Only – April 4th


Marshwoods New England Classic 2020

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This is how RipTide will be registering as a team for the upcoming Marshwoods tournament.  Once you complete this registration, we will enter your information for the event!

Please below important information be fore registering for this event!

Marshwood’s 2020 New England Youth Wrestling

Invitational Classic

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Cross Insurance Aren

Portland Maine

 This is a double elimination, folkstyle tournament. As in previous years, there will be four divisions for elementary and junior high wrestlers-Bantam (Grades K through 2), Midget (Grades 3 & 4), Novice (Grades 5 & 6), and Schoolboy (Grades 7 & 8).  Weight Classes will be determined after weigh-in.

Bantam, Midget, Novice divisions will compete in 8-person brackets when possible with awards given to the top 4 places. Schoolboy division will compete in 16 man brackets, unless large weight pools require separation, with the top 6 awards given.  Team Scores will be kept and awards given for the first place and runner-up teams in each division. The brackets of 5 or less will be run as round robin.

Teams will be limited to 25 wrestlers Bantam & Midget and 25 wrestlers Novice & Middle School .  Each team may designate up to 12 wrestlers Per Division as “scoring wrestlers” for the purpose of earning Team Points.  All additional wrestlers will be considered “non-scoring”. Non-scoring wrestlers will not earn Team Points, but will be eligible for all individual awards.  No ALL STAR Teams or CLUB Teams.

Bantam and Midget Divisions will wrestle on Saturday, starting around 8:30 am.  All matches will be 3 one minute rounds (1-1-1)

Novice and Schoolboy Divisions will wrestle on Saturday afternoon around 11:00.  All matches will be 3 one minute rounds (1-1-1), except for the championship and consolation finals, which will be (1-2-2).  Time permitting.

    Registration is $68 per person ($50 for additional siblings) and is non-refundable. ” Due to numerous amounts of returned checks in the past years we are requiring teams to submit one check per team. Either from a team account or a bank check/money order.  Make checks payable to “E.S.B.W.” This tournament is limited to 400 wrestlers in the Bantam and Midget Divisions and 600 wrestlers in the Novice and Schoolboy Divisions and, based on the last ten years, it WILL be full.  Registration is first-come first-served based on receipt of the Completed Team Registration Form and Registration Fees

Guaranteed entry to first 1,000 entries (correctly filled out and with payment).  Additional open entries will be at discretion of tournament committee.  

All wrestlers must weigh-in in wrestling uniform (singlet or shirt/shorts) and submit to a skin check at weigh-in.  A doctor’s note for any current skin conditions must be provided; however, tournament staff will have the finale decision regarding skin checks.

This is a qualifier for the 2019/2020 TOC as well as the 2019 Fall TOC.  The top three finishers in each weight class will qualify.